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                                                                  ZIVA WILL BE
                                                                   RETURNING SOON!


A place of elite training and development that results in positive performance. An organization where the hard work that the players and coaches invest into proper fundamentals and knowledge of the game shows in each individuals growth and achievement of their goals.


Empower: Through building a strong technical foundation while developing strength and knowledge about the game. To give young women the self worth and esteem to feel good enough and powerful in who they are. To be so confident, courageous and strong that they want to help empower and uplift other women.

Equip: Physically with the skills needed to succeed on the court. Mentally to be strong and able to face adversity. And Spiritually to find their soul security in God.

Encourage: Uplift with encouragement. Allow players to own their successes and failures. Relentless belief and pursuit to bring out the greatness in each individual.


An organization where Servanthood, Family and God are the cornerstone of any and all successes.

“Our guiding lights for our lives and the lives that we lead.”